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2019 Awards and Awards

2020-04-28 13:59:55来源:阅读:

      On April 16, our company held the 2019 awards and awards event, reviewing and summarizing the outstanding performance of employees in the past year, commending the "excellent team", "Huayuan Star", "excellent employees", etc. Chang Jiang Xiaofei, General Manager Tang Peng, Deputy General Manager Chen Xiying and Executive Deputy General Manager Xu Yuehua attended the scene and presented certificates, trophies and bonuses to outstanding teams and individuals

202004281127244276.jpg3_副本.jpg     In 2019, when the industry environment is not good, our company can still achieve good results, which is inseparable from the hard work of every Huayuan people. "Hua Chuang's future, farsightedness" I believe we will be better in 2020.

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