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Practice fine soldiers

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 In 2018, it was a year of overall downturn in the auto market. With the joint efforts of 

all employees, the group company has overcome this difficulty, and 2019, full of hopes and 

challenges, has arrived. In order to recognize the advanced, rebuild the confidence and 

continue to write brilliantly, on April 11, 2019, the group company organized the 2018 

Excellent Staff Commendation Conference. The main agenda of the conference was the general 

manager's speech, excellent staff, excellent team, Huayuan, The Huayue Star Awards and the 

speeches of the representatives of the board of directors.



  The conference was held at the chairmanship of Liu Ying, the manager of the personnel 

administration department. Tang Peng, general manager of Zhejiang Huayuan Auto Parts Co., 

Ltd., and Yu Yang, general manager of Zhejiang Huayue Auto Parts Co., Ltd. respectively 

conducted the company's annual operation in 2018. Objectively and comprehensively 

summarized, and deployed the focus of work in 2019, in terms of seamless sales, efficient 

development, intelligent manufacturing, professional quality, reasonable inventory, cost 

control, profit maintenance, pursuit of efficiency, optimization of details and improvement 

of quality, etc. The job requirements have laid a solid foundation for becoming the best 

fastener supplier in Wenzhou.



    After democratic appraisal, department recommendation, comprehensive evaluation by the 

personnel administration department, and approval by the general manager's office meeting, 

22 employees such as Meiwei and Pan Chenfu were awarded the honors of “Huayuan Star”, 

“Hua Yue Star” and “Excellent Staff” respectively. The title was awarded the honorary 

title of “Excellent Team” of Huayuan Material Control Department and Huayue Technology 

Department. This is a glory, this is recognition of their work. In 2018, they are down-to-

earth, hard work and hard work. At the meeting, the excellent team, Huayuan Star and Huayue 

Star shared their journeys along the way. Their speeches brought touch, brought inspiration 

and brought confidence.



    Finally, on behalf of Chen Huaying, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Huayuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd., the board of directors delivered a speech, Chen’s professional and elite 

management philosophy, as well as a beautiful corporate plan and career blueprint, which made the old employees more confident and filled the new employees. Looking forward 

to it.


       2019, making fine works, casting fine art, 2019, refining soldiers, tree spirit!

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