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How to be a good supervisor ----Company representative representative of the company to share work experience

2018-11-16 21:35:00来源:阅读:

 When people are used to focusing on the top of a company, it is often easy to overlook another important group, the middle-level supervisor. In fact, the role of department heads is irreplaceable – they are both recipients of corporate decision-making and executives who supervise the smooth implementation of decisions. It is especially important for companies to develop healthily and to be fully empowered. So how can we become a good supervisor?

      Recently, Zhejiang Huayuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. organized more than 30 management personnel in charge of the above, and held a special sharing event on “How to become a good supervisor” in the training room. There are 9 supervisors (managers) who participated in the sharing activities, including technical department manager, financial manager, personnel supervisor, quality supervisor, purchasing supervisor, business executive, planning supervisor, cost supervisor, and packaging workshop director. They combine their usual work practices and share their successful experiences as supervisors. At the same time, they discuss and communicate with each other in the areas of confusion and need to improve in work and management, and ask questions and interact on the spot. In the spirit of brainstorming, learning from each other's strengths, in order to achieve mutual learning and common improvement.

      During the three-hour sharing event, the atmosphere was warm and everyone participated in the review. They all said that participating in such activities not only learned the strengths of others, but also understood their own gaps.

      Finally, General Manager Tang Peng concluded that to become a good supervisor, we must first have good moral character and morality first. Secondly, we must have a correct attitude, be willing to undertake, diligently study, be good at reflection, and arrogate. Third, we must learn to manage ourselves, including the cultivation of attitudes, minds, and beliefs. At the same time, we must be good at summing up, constantly reflect on ourselves, learn to control our emotions, and learn to manage time. In the long run, we will become an excellent supervisor.

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